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Tunnel conveyor type x-ray inspection parcel, baggage & pallet cargo system, truck/container x-ray screening system, portable medical x-ray and baggage scanner
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High sensitive metal detector, hand-held needle detector, portable type needle detector

              SIIE SDH-936A high sensitive hand-held metal detector, hand-held inspection needle detector 

SIIE SDH-936A hand-held inspection needle metal detector is widely used to inspect knitting, clothing, shoes, medicines, chemical raw, food, socks, materials and ferromagnetic material, also for the human body security inspection, also used to inspect livestocks, wounds, wood, walls, tables & other objects which contain metals, it's very suitable for customs, frontier defense and other security checks. It can also check persons, hand-held luggages, mails and parcels, it is able to locate a needle or minimum metal at a close distance and locate weapons, parts of weapons, ammunition, explosives in metal covers, etc.

1. New design shape helps you to grip for long time without fatigue. ABS-plastic shell. Long life. 
2. SDH-936A detector adopts high sensitive switch, its maximum detection sensitivity: Feφ ≥ 0.3 mm steel ball. High sensitivity: such as Iron ball diameter Feφ 1.0 mm, its inspecting height can be to 10 mm up. 
3. Battery saving function: when it is standing by, its battery mode is changed for saving mode automatically to save battery consumption. New design detecting circuit is a low electric consumption.

Technical data:
Detection sensitivity: Feφ ≥ 0.3 mm.
Detection face size: 43 mm (L) x 33 mm (W).
Alarm method: Lamp, Buzzer or Vibration.
Power supply: 9V dry battery, 6F22 DC.
Dimension: 145 mm (L) x 57 mm (W) x 46 mm (H).
Weight: appr. 160g. Temperature: -5℃ ~ +45℃.
Vib: Vibration alarm. Ala: Sound alarm.


Technical standards:
1.  Anti-jamming conforms to EN 50082-1 international standard. 
2.  Conform to EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009 product safety international standard. 
3.  UKCA international safety standard certificates.  European CE & EMC international security standard certificates.

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