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AWT-66P Walk-Through Scan Flu, COVID-19, Monkeypox & Omicron virus human fever detector,步行挂式人体温度探测器

AWT66P door side type walk-through medical automatic scan Monkeypox virus, Omicron virus, COVID-19 & JN.1 virus, flu and various virus human fever temperature detector (medical automatic scan human body thermometer)

TECOS AWT66P body temperature detector can detect body temperatures of all patients with fever such as detecting fever temperatures of SARS virus patients, COVID-19 Coronavirus patients, Delta virus patients, Omicron virus patients, Monkeypox virus patients, H1N1 flu patients, Ebola & JN.1 virus patients, H7N9 bird flu patients, HFMD patients, Malaria virus patients, Zika virus and MERS virus patients, Dengue Fever patients, H3N2 flu patients and all other various flu & virus patients. It can also detect normal human body temperatures, it uses this timely and effective manner to prevent spread and infection of COVID-19 virus, Delta virus, Omicron virus, Monkeypox virus, JN.1 virus, flus & other viruses to people. It can detect and find a fever patient who is caused by any virus or flu.

AWT66P detector can help your government, organization and apparatus to detect human body fevers of infecting COVID-19 virus, JN.1 virus, Omicron virus, Monkeypox virus, flus and other various viruses to fight and prevent their spreads & infections to people.

AWT66P body fever temperature detectors are being widely used in airports, schools, prisons, Customs, exhibition sites, churches, embassies, banks, factories, courts, hospitals, hotels etc. to detect human body fevers to prevent infections of Delta virus, COVID-19 virus, Omicron virus, JN.1 virus, Monkeypox virus, flu and various viruses. It's very suitable for large flow of people in the public to rapidly detect their body fever temperatures.

1. Non-contact Detection.
Many vertical scan probes are in order to adapt to different height people for accurate measurements. An automatic voice broadcast system broadcasts monitoring results. Optional Some installation ways as follows:




2. Safe and reliable, after the probes scan a human body, it displays a detection result, its result is digital show, that LED displays its work state to be clear and intuitive, its measurement system can automatically open. 

3. AWT66P walk-through body temperature detector has a high sensitive detection body temperature, detects a wide range and fast speed, it doesn't interfere with the measured target, and its use is safe.
Only when a human passes through it in the detection body range, it immediately shows an human body surface temperature, the operator can obtain accurate data. If they are suspicious fever patients, it will immediately report to the police apparatus, it is a timely and effective manner to prevent spread and infection of virus and flu.

4. TECOS AWT66P walk-through body temperature detector has a non-contact measurement temperature, high accuracy, fast speed measurement and over-temperature alarm.

Technical data:
1. Walking measurement time: 0.3  seconds. Relative humidity: 80%. Voltage: 110V, 220V (±10%), 50Hz / 60Hz.

2. Temperature resolution: 0.1℃. Measurement body temperature accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃ ~ 0.3 ℃.

3. Have different installation sizes for option such as hanging type installation or standing type installation (Please inquire about it):
Hanging type installation dimension: about 1,180 mm (L) x 200 mm (W) x 100 mm (H).
Standing type installation size: 2,020 mm (H) x 400 mm (W) x 500 mm (L). High-grade appearance.

4. Fever alarm. Alarm temperature: 37.5 ℃, ( this temperature can be free to be set, for example: 37 ℃, 37.1 ℃, 37.2 ℃, 37.3 ℃, 37.4 ℃ and so on ). The factory setup is 37.5 ℃ for alert, the body temperature exceeds it to the alarm. Install more than 13 medical detection body temperature sensors in this system.

Conform to European Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC and EMC Directive 2014/30/EU international safety standards.
Have European CE and EMC international Medical Device standard certificates and USA FCC safety standard certificate.        

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