Multi-zone alarm walk-through metal detector, walk-through scan body temperature and metal detector with a camera and a computer
Tunnel conveyor type x-ray inspection parcel, baggage & pallet cargo system, truck/container x-ray screening system, portable medical x-ray and baggage scanner
Hand-held and tunnel conveyor type needle detector, metal detector
Underground metal and gold detector, hand-held metal detector, conveyor type industrial and food metal detector, inspection shoe metal detector
Patrol clock and guard patrol system, binocular military telescope,thermal imaging camera, military hunting aim telescope
Bomb detector, bomb jammer, explosive & drug detector, GPS and phone signal jammer, narcotics detector, communication jammer, liquid explosive detector, vehicle bomb inspection system, search mirror
Conveyor tunnel type mining metal detector head, food & industrial metal detector head
X-ray machine, x-ray baggage scanner, conveyor type x-ray screening system X-ray machine, x-ray baggage scanner, conveyor type x-ray screening system
SOTUE SX38A conveyor type x-ray inspection baggage & parcel system is widely used for explosive & suspicious dangerous goods security inspection, it is widely used in detention center, checkpoint, troops, courts, prisons, mosque, church, exhibition, factory & postal parcel inspection for security check. Its tunnel size: 500 mm (W) × 300 mm (H). SX38A can provide most outstanding threat detection ability and is a most widely used system for many Checkpoints. European CE and EMC international security standard certificates. It is a most economic x-ray inspection baggage system.
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